Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If I Wrote A Parenting Book

If I were a parent I would ask my child how to write a parenting book. Why? Well, as you know, I am a kid. And just a couple of days ago I was in the car with my mom. I told her a story, and here it is...
One day during school my principal was talking to the fourth grade about our behavior. He told us about when he was a kid he did the same things we did. He never liked getting punished. He said that even though sometimes our behavior isn't the best he'll never get mad at us. Sure he'll punish us and teach us the right thing, but he'll never get mad.
When I finished telling my mom the story she brought up a good point. Mom said that there is a big difference between being mad and punishing. That gave me the idea: What if kids wrote parenting books? Think about it; kids are the ones who know how they want to be treated. Obviously you can't ask a five year old how they want to be treated because they're going to say that they want a trampoline and  ten packs of gummy bears for breakfast. But if you have a child age 8 and up then asking them could be a smart idea.
I just so happen to be over the age of 8. So my mom asked me. I answered: Friday nights. We always do fun things on Fridays. I told my mom a good way to inspire me to listen would be to use the strike system. The strike system starts like this:
Your child will start out with 3 stars. When they have bad behavior or don't listen you give them a strike. This is what every strike means:

Strike One: Strike one is like a warning just to let your child know that you are paying attention to their behavior and to be careful about what they do.

Strike Two: Strike two is your choice on what to take away from your child. Whatever you choose to do must be something that your child will be sure to learn what their mistake was when behaving badly.

Strike Three: Strike Three means that there will be serious consequences to your child's behavior. But remember to not get mad at your child. You may punish them but don't get mad. Teach them what's right.

What's my mom's perspective? She'll be chiming in tomorrow.

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  1. Yes there is a big difference between punishing and being mad. And I do agree with the three strikes.


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