Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Tiger Rising

         I just recently finished a book called The Tiger Rising. It was a wonderful story about a boy named Rob who has a rash on his legs. Everybody thinks it's a medical issue but really it's sadness. His mother just died and he is very sad. In his mind there is a mental suitcase where he keeps things like his mother's name, tears and the tiger. He lives in Florida in a motel called the Kentucky Star. There is clear woods right behind it and Robert has a secret. The owner of the Kentucky Star has caught a Tiger from the woods and it is deep in the woods in a cage... Rob is the only other person who has seen the tiger besides the owner. When the "new girl" in his school arrives Rob finds this sassy girl to be quite interesting. Her name is Sistine like the Sistine Chapel. She has a lot of questions for Rob like: Where's your mom? What's your mother's name? Where's the "tiger"? Rob is surprised that when he was widdling in his room he carved Sistine. Somehow he ends up showing her the tiger.
        The owner of the motel gives Rob a job; to feed the tiger. He says he wants it fat before he kills and skins it. When given the job Rob is also given the keys to the cage. The relationship between Rob and the Tiger is amazing to read. When I was reading it I felt like I was actually in the story!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tumbling Together

I'm not sure why, but when Abigail was born, I thought that within a week or so we'd be doing girl things together: nails, walks, reading, and probably cooking. Well, we had a lot of together time, but it wasn't quite like that.
Fast forward ten years and one thing I had never thought of doing together was gymnastics. My last competition was about 25 years ago and I had no expectations of getting back into it. This year, I was fortunate enough to find an adult gymnastics class in the same gym where Abigail is about to become part of a competitive team. What a great experience to be able to speak the same "language" as my daughter and share a sport where we both are able to feel the freedom and exhilaration of flying through the air. We can relate to each other beyond our daily routine and I understand both her drive and motivation with gymnastics.
To that end, I have moved a tumbling mat, temporarily, into our family room so I can help her with some tumbling before school. Something I envisioned when she was a baby? No. Something I will forever cherish? Absolutely.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Perfect Picture Book: Are You My Mother?

Title: Are You My Mother?
Written By: P.D. Eastman
Illustrated by: P.D. Eastman
Publisher: Beginner Books
Suitable for ages: 5 and under.
Themes/Topics: Humor, interesting moments, and fun
Opening: A mother bird sat on her egg. The egg jumped.
Brief Synopsis: A little baby bird can't find his Mother. He ends up asking cats and dogs and all animals if they are his mother. Will he find his mother?! Imagine if you couldn't find your mother, what would you do? Where would you look?
Links to resources: I found this page with activities that can be done at home. And there's also this page from Activity Maker.
Why I like this book: Are You My Mother? is a book about a Mother bird trying to find some food for her baby bird before she hatches. But while she is gone a little baby bird comes out of his egg. He can't find his his mother. He looks in the silliest places for his mother. He even asked a dog, and he's a bird!!!