Saturday, February 16, 2013

Do NOT Overpack!

      This year I went on my first school trip away from home. I have been to sleep-away camp before. This was my first school trip away from home. The trip was in Sussex County, NJ. I thought everything would get wet, so I packed a whole bunch of extra stuff. That was not a smart idea! I had this huge duffle bag filled to the top. I got there on the first day and started right away. Everything went by so fast that I had barely anytime to go back to my cabin, so I had about four shirts that I didn't touch at all! The weight of the bag was about three pounds which was a lot for two days. I had so much fun, but thank goodness I only had to carry my bag to and from the bus. Well, I think it would be a waist of time if this article didn't have a lesson in it. The lesson is...
 Do NOT Overpack!!!
Have a nice day! :)