Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Entry Two

                         This is my second entree. I hope you enjoy it...

       2:24 pm          Dear Diary,
The wind is crazy. It's raining lightly. Now the trees are swaying, back and forth and side to side. They look like they were struggling to stay up against the powerful wind. There are even less leaves on the trees than before. Right now I'm on top of the heater ,obviously, writing to you. All that's next to me is a small, yellow Ticonderoga pencil and a window. The ground looks like it's made of leaves, the wind is so strong. I'm worried a branch will fall off. Or maybe the power will go out. Who knows.
I'll know in a couple hours when I write again.
                                                  Abigail Bermeo

Again, I will continue to write more entrees until it's too late too see anything.

Hurricane Sandy: Entry One

               Today is 10/29/12. In NJ there is a hurricane. Sandy. All day I am going to be writing entrees. Here is the first...
           8:30 am   Dear Diary, 
Today all the news reporters were making a big deal about HURRICANE SANDY! They said it's supposed to be worse since 1938. It hasn't hit yet. It's not even raining. Right now I'm watching TV. Waiting. I'll tell you more when Sandy hits. 
                                                           Abigail Bermeo
P.S. I put the time so you can see how Sandy progresses.

                 As you can see I talk to my diary like it's a person. Almost like I'm writing a letter. Technically I am writing a letter to my diary. 
                 I'll keep updating as the day goes on.